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as well as repeated disciplinary issues with key players

Their goal was to help each other overcome issues of racism and prejudice that newly arriving Puerto Rican immigrants were experiencing. Although the actual members were of Puerto Rican descent, Most members are now Mexican yankee. Besides these groups, vehicle mostly composed of Dominican, Cuban, mexican, Central and South u. s members; And some ebony, Asian and Middle Eastern regular members as well. As time moved on, The group’s members became part of violent crimes including murder, illegal substance trafficking and robberies. Members of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation vowed to lay down their lives in their “nation,In 2000 there were approx,roughly speaking 1600 self admitted Latin Kings in the Illinois prison system, And these accounted for over half of all the recorded violent acts on prison personnel and other inmates, Making the ALKN nearly all violent prison gang in Illinois (Federal Bureau of look for, Fiscal pdf, 2000). A couple plus the the Latin Kings’ “Ruthlessness” Are the content pieces of Carlos Robles and officer Lawrence 1981, The leader of Chicago’s southside string, One Raul Gonzalez (otherwise known as “Baby emperor”) within the Latin Kings had a “roam in” With a person in the northside chapter of the Latin Kings.

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